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Construction Drawings


Design Development

Once the conceptual design meets your approval, we begin this phase by coordinating the design and detailing of the floor plans, exterior elevations, and building sections.

Framing Plans, HVAC Plans, Electrical Plans

Framing Plans and basic Electrical Plans are usually required by code officials and permitting agencies and must be reviewed prior to issuing a permit for construction by them. While we do not design the HVAC system itself, and no drawings are required for permitting, we can coordinate with your builder and their subcontractor installation issues at an appropriate time during the construction phase, and location of return air and supply grills as they relate to the structural plans at the time of builder selection. We do provide a preliminary layout plan showing the intent of duct runs and return air runs as a coordination effort with framing, electrical lighting layout for design purposes only. It is not uncommon for field adjustments to be made while the house is under construction, final product selections are made and field conditions develop. The electrical plans show lighting and outlet locations and is a layout for budgeting and permitting purposes only. We do coordinate with you and/or your interior designer and builder lighting and switching as needed as the final design is often finished while the project is under construction. This is usually accomplished by having an onsite meeting and walking room to room confirming locations.

Wall Sections, Building Sections, Exterior Details

We meet to discuss in more detail the interior and exterior finishes and materials that begin to define the cost and character of your home. With this information, we will provide all of the necessary drawings to accurately describe the details involved in building the house.

Exterior Door and Window Schedules

These schedules will provide the information to accurately specify the window and door selections for your home.


These specifications will define the standard of quality that will be expected throughout the construction of your home.

Structural Engineering

We will provide the structural engineering necessary to analyse all columns, beams and all framing members in the structure. This is done through the services of a structural engineer selected by Paul Setti & Associates.

ARB Review

We will provide all of the assistance necessary to submit for the Final ARB review. We will adjust any drawings as required and there will be no additional fees incurred to the Owner.

Architectural Millwork and Interior Trim Details

We can provide drawings for Interior Elevations of kitchen cabinetry, built In cabinetry, fireplaces and mantles, stairways, special wall and ceiling treatments and interior trim designs. Room by room schedules are made and details are drawn. Interior door selection is also made at this time. This is an important phase because this is where the special character of your home's interiors are created.

Bidding and Negotiation

Full sets of drawings and specifications will be issued to your selected builder for pricing or to several qualified builders of your choice for competitive bidding. The pricing process can take approximately three to four weeks at which time meetings with you and your builder or prospective builders will be scheduled to review the final price and any adjustments needed to be made to the plans and specifications relative to your budget and to also determine how you plan to proceed with builder selection and construction.


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