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Planning a home well at the start of a project is crucial to a good house designGood planning (programming) is the key to a successfully designed house be it a custom home, beach house, addition or renovation. Together we review ideas and talk about features you want in your home creatively incorporate them into the design of your house. For example, it's architectural style, the number and kind of rooms like bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen.

Maybe you have cut outs from periodicals like Better Homes and Garden, House, Dwell, Coastal Living or Southern Living. Collecting photo samples of products or architectural details you like is a great way to convey design ideas during the early phases of the project. Programming is the foundation on which we design your home. Basically put, it is the description of what your house will be and how you envision living in it.


Conceptual Design

Planning a home well at the start of a project is crucial to a good house designThe first step towards conceptual design is to thoroughly review the unique features of your building site. Reviewing and studying zoning requirements for site design, such as building setbacks, height restrictions, and easements. If your property is in a flood plane we look at critical line setbacks and flood elevation requirements too. A review of the vegetation, the size and types of trees, unique view opportunities and other natural conditions of your property will help us design your home in the natural environment it will be living in.

Conceptual Design Drawings are then prepared and include a site plan, floor plans and elevations conveying the size, layout and character of your home and how it relates interacts with the features of the site. A three dimensional study model may be prepared to better understand the massing of the structure.


ARB Sketch Review

I will provide all of the assistance necessary to submit for the review. Many communities have an ARB (Architectural Review Board). Their purpose is to regulate and maintain design criteria described in a community’s bylaws and often involves coordination with Zoning and acceptable design materials and other information required to build your home including color selection. Not all communities have an ARB.


Historical Research and Review

Some locations are historical like downtown Charleston. I will provide all of the research and drawings necessary to present to a BAR (Board of Architectural Review) and Zoning in historical districts. Depending on the age of the house, it's historical significance, and city requirements we find a way to meet your design needs and the preservation needs of the city.




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